Share it very beautiful, therefore I always try to share to you. This time I shared about the Batak humor. Humor buffoonery will I make in Engglish only. because Definitely who read this article not only the Batak alone. Batak humor and meaning in English is not necessarily all know. So order this humor all know, so for all of us I just give in English. And maybe there are more among brothers upset, Humor Batak is a drug of troubled brother. So please be listened only.

Humor Batak language, Unused.

Baluhap who is looking for a job, Keep tirelessly around the city field. And he too is very Eager for work, In order to help parents. Parents Baluhap indeed a very modest family, So To add to the college money, he had to Participate help.

One time, he saw a company, and in him find someone. And the name that he encountered was Jaultop. And then There was a conversation like this.

Baluhap: Good afternoon sir ...Jaultop: Yes, good afternoon .. There needs to be what?Baluhap: so pack .. I came here to Apply for a job.Jaultop: Sorry ... You unused.Baluhap: Ha ?? Unused? Why?Jaultop: Just what what your education?Baluhap: Yes law.Jaultop: Well then, why can not be used here.

 Baluhap: Why indeed?Jaultop: I'll just say lets get your work and do not work.Baluhap: But you do not worry, Here also I've been a diplomat.Jaultop: Diplomat? Ah .. really not used here.Baluhap: Why?Jaultop: miting later just wrote your work, and none work. Already have a home?
Baluhap: not yet.Jaultop: That's right, I told you not used here.Baluhap: Why should get home.Jaultop: After working here would immediately apply for credit right?Baluhap: It is not, of my ancestors was our already rich. (Rag Baluhap)Jaultop: So then? Precisely because that is not to use hereBaluhap: What is the reason?

 Jaultop: Definitely because search of entertainment wrote here, then you're just sitting in the cafeteria. Already have a car?Baluhap: Not yet.Jaultop: Sorry not welcome here

Humor batak
Baluhap: Ha ... Why? Why get into the car as well?Jaultop: This company later you buy a car for you.Baluhap: Ah, Many times the reason, If you need one you bought the car.Jaultop: Well ... more not to use you here.Baluhap: Especially the base?Jaultop: Here gk no parking places. Law school had said, It is what it is finished?Baluhap: AlreadyJaultop: It does not fit, because we are looking for graduates from high school, in order to pay less.Baluhap: I mean it is finished constructing the Thesis.Jaultop: getting not be acceptedBaluhap: Ah .. where her ??Jaultop: Just typing kaw thesis work alone later, after graduating instead move to another company.

How about your health?Baluhap: Healthy.Jaultop: No we can acceptBaluhap: Why?Jaultop: I do not hold you here.Baluhap: Joking its me, its actually no Slightly my crazyJaultop: Oh where can people crazy here.Baluhap: Where her, until I said was I Gilak, yet also not acceptedJaultop: If incorrectness you crazy, Already Increase rival, I also his crazy person.Hearing Answer Jaultop it, then Baluhap surprised, apparently he was talking to a madman. And finally he too immediately leave the jaultop. :)