It's been a lot of accounts which google account banned for violating their Tos, you certainly do not want to be one of the banned right? therefore I will give some rules that should not be violated by Google ..

    Put an ad in the Blog / Web that has no content

Google does not allow you to install it on the Blog Ads that none of its content at all, if it was already as good as his immediate pull its ads, then you can be banned.

Never to try clicking on your own ads

Google really hate cheating, although it is a little, if you accidentally click on your ad, just report it to Google if you do not accidentally. If you report them, you will not be banned, because Google appreciate your honest actions. If you wish to report his existing invalid clicks, click this.

Never place Google ads on the web / blog berkonten that Copas / duplicate.

In his Tos Google also hate Copy Paste, they would still Fresh article, not the content re -write or Copas. And has many living witnesses I've ever found, deal with Google in because looking for a shortcut by doing copy and paste to your blog / web else. Either use Microsoft Word Summarized and any application.
In some ban hate / Prohibited Google Adsense Can Cause Banned!

Using a 3rd party to increase the level of impressions

You will be Banned if you use a 3rd party like autosurf, to improve impression. Google does not like it that way.

Never join a community of mutual Click Ads

Google has a sophisticated bot from what you imagine, they were able to analyze her no cheating, do not ever think in the slightest for cheating

Never put Ads on your blog / website that provides services "Download song" or his kind.

In its Terms of Service, Google prohibits installing Ads on blog / website that provides services download Mp3 and the like. Its underlying reasons, to avoid infringement of Copyright and Google do not ever want to be involved in it.

Trapping deceptive or visitors to click on your ad.

Doing trap or deception as to write "Click It", or Sponsor Us, you can at Banned when doing so. Ads write only as good as his, it was enough.

. Never make modifications to the script google ads.

Never once in a while to modify your ad, because it prohibited google. Although you do pemodifan are not very meaningful, Google still will punish you if this violated.

    Telling friend, brother, sister, his sister and other relatives to click on an ad, you can make terbanned.

Although not stated in the TOS. Google is already very advanced in terms of algorithms. They were able to detect fraud in the slightest. Even Google is able to determine the location of where you live and the location of the ad clicking. Imagine if you told your sister that one home with you click on an ad or your friend that his house is not far from you. There have been many people who make a lot of testimony about this, if not believe you can surf the internet, a lot of melancholy story for doing this.

Google has been known for its insecurity status Publisher, because surely it if you ever join a community Publisher, you will not be surprised if you hear the term "Season Banned", "Google Net-net. And even if your income is very large, it consideration could be banned on google to you. With a variety of reasons that have been created by Google.

Everything I write this, I have summarized from several witnesses alive, relatives fellow publishers, internet and from its own Google ToS. No essay slightest in my article.