Again doubt, Google Adsense is one of the easiest and best ways to earn money from your blog or website. However, so long run, Many People are finding things that make they 'hate' at Google Adsense.
And this is the reason they.

 Adsense makes you lose visitors

Is it true? Yes I Do. Every time someone clicks the Adsense ads, then they leave your blog. That means you lose visitors! Indeed, it could be people who clicked kind enough to do: right click, open in a new tab, but how many readers are thinking and bothered like that? To get some coins money you have to lose visitors. Which it could also mean: you lose people who will subscribe via email, you lose the people who will buy your product.

Value per click is very low 
Reasons Many People Why Do not like Google Adsense

If the target audience of your blog instead of the United States or Western European countries, as well forget abundant producer of Google Adsense.Indeed, for the rich countries of Europe, the value per click is quite sizable, between $ 1 - $ 2 or even more depending on the keyword. Beyond that, you will only get an average CPC of $ 0.01 - $ 0.05 only!So, if your blog has traffic only 100 - 1000 per day, with a CPC of $ 0.01 - $ 0.05, then you will only be able to collect $ 1 - $ 10 per month!

Long right to receive payment

First, to start receiving AdSense payments, you must verify the home address. Google will send a pin to your home address, a new one will be up to 3-4 weeks depending on the location. Even then, if the balance of the income you have reached a minimum of $ 10, if not, to pin any one year will not they send.
Secondly, you have to wait your balance reaches $ 100, can only receive payment. Even after $ 100 was raised, you still have to wait weeks (every 24th of the next month, meaning that more than 3 weeks) so that the money reaches us.
Really need patience to wait 'payday' from Google Adsense.

It's hard to approved

I had just been approved after 3 times previously rejected. Moreover, almost every day I always get complaints and questions: "Why why I rejected Adsense?"

From time to time Adsense tightened requirements for a blog is approved as their partner. Maybe good for their purpose, but not for a blogger.

What I hate on this point is the fact that because it is often rejected Adsense, many bloggers become discouraged and eventually stopped managing the blog. It is sad, as they create a blog solely to run Google Adsense!

Email support is very annoying

Do not expect to get alerts via email when your account banned. Nothing! Once they disable your account, they just send an email notification.

Almost 100% of email they send to you is an email from the 'machine'. You can not answer it. Indeed, provided a form for your help and who want to 'bitching', but from my experience, I have just received a reply for days (sometimes weeks) later. This is another thing that makes me hate Adsense added.

Once banned, you will not be back

 By reason protect advertisers (those who have the money), they are so strictly implement the rules. Indeed, the cause of his one account banned most is the fault of the publisher's own due to invalid click activity, but not everyone is entitled to a 'second chance?' This is not provided by Google Adsense.Indeed no appeal procedure when you are banned, but from experience 99.99% unsuccessful appeal.Then, even though you are trying to register again with the new blog, which is highly qualified Google Adsense though, they'll reject you. Once banned, Google Adsense forget it, you will not be allowed anymore to follow their program.

 Too many rules
Ever read the TOS (terms and conditions) them through to completion? How many hours do you spend to finish it? Honestly, I have never read it all through to completion. Because too many rules!

Google Adsense, has a lot of rules that must be obeyed by the publisher. Once violated, the risk of banned ready override. Are you ready to run the program with a myriad of rules?

That is some thing that makes people much hate Google Adsense.
But if you are serious, shall the tantanganya Whatever succeed if filled with the spirit.