Have you ever experienced such a thing I made the title above? Why just the Batak Toba are famous?I mean this, it's not just Batak Batak Toba, There Simalungun, Batak Karo, and another.I've to Jakarta and met with the Batak Karo. If I just nyampek there, Introduction same person, it's been a lot Imitating Batak accent. Though Slang Language I also do not like that they copy the.

 Well, my friend had a rich, fact people do not know that he was also the Batak.
i wonder why?
But he has been born in Jakarta. Although he was born in Jakarta, but the Batak still well.
And if the introduction, if say, Where? From field. Would immediately imitate a strange dialect.
Why Also, each originating from the city of terrain they assume everyone Batak?



Yet in his own field, almost all the tribes already here. Indeed, most people Batak, But not infrequently also that not a vagabond.
Well, It is the wrong response.
Indeed, if you meet people who are not familiar with the clan, was always there for the fun. Of the way and the other asked. Well, I once meet the same people who like it, I nainggolan Highways.
Then he said, Nainggolan His religion was Muslim huh?
Well, it makes me wonder, why until questioned so? Really weird.
Tell me it's just that Nainggolan, No necessity Want religion. Depending on trust, so free to choose a religion.