As we know that her role in the movie 'Mahabharata' Arun Rana role as Pandu, the father of the Pandavas Lima, and the husband of the goddess Kunti.
 Big fan of "Mahabharata" must have been familiar with the character played by Arun Raja Rana. Long time no hear people say after the "Mahabharata" finished, Arun surprised fans with his new project.

Arun Rana Indonesian society known as the King Pandu in serial Mahabharata.
Arun Rana handsome face when playing the King Pandu in serial Mahabharata made many eyes stunned. Not unexpectedly, it turns out the father of the Pandavas is very narcissistic and crazy selfie.

 Investigate a investigate, Arun was being prepared to return to greet the fans through a soap opera. This was revealed in a personal Instagram account.
Arun Rana players 'Mahabharata' It will soon star in the soap opera 'Kuch Kuch Dangdut'

Meanwhile, quietly all the players "Kuch Kuch Dangdut" go to India and do a shoot with Arun. Unfortunately, until now there has been no further details about the soap opera "Kuch Kuch Dangdut". Approximately, what acting Arun Rana, Lesty Adriani and other players in the soap opera?
Then we wait for the news.