Soumya Seth arrival to Indonesia brought fresh gossip in the world of entertainment Indonesia, because the beautiful Indian actress known for her role in the series is able to make the stage Navya Star Vaganza be crowded Bolly will gossip.

News of the relationship between Shaheer Sheikh with Soumya Seth continued to make public curiosity. Although both of them have stated that they were just friends, but it seems fans are still not satisfied. Moreover, it was recently revealed that he did not choose boyfriend based on religion.

Regarding proximity to Shaheer Sheikh different religions with Soumya Seth, Soumya back makes fans Shaheer and Soumya had to shout hysterically. When fished with questions about different religions lover, turns actor Navya has its own reasons as to choose a different lover of her religion. As is known Soumya Hindu, while Muslims Shaheer Sheikh.

It says Soumya Seth Problem love affair Interfaith Have No Problem Interfaith relations
This was revealed when Soumya held a debriefing at Twitter. Through personal accounts, the actor Navya answer questions submitted by fans. One is about religion lover. "Are you going to fall in love and marry a man from a different religion? Is religion important to you?" asked one fan. "Religion is not a problem. The nature and disposition of the people who are important to me. He must be responsible. That's what I want," said the star of the series 'Navya' this. Answer Soumya was no doubt instantly make the fans back excited. Some of them directly relate to Shaheer who was reportedly in a relationship with. Suddenly alone answer directly from the beautiful girl makes fans associate the answer Soumya with proximity to Shaheer