Bollywood actor Shaheer Sheikh handsomeness is no doubt, to have such a handsome face pras can certainly easily Shaheer to get lovers. But it turns out despite having a handsome face and body which makes it robust to date Shaheer dashing itself maish not have a spouse. Why yes?
At the age of 31 years entered, Shaheer Sheikh still looks alone and not have a spouse. Although many women are reportedly close to him but Shaheer always denied that relationship and reveals that all women who had reportedly close to her only for her friends.
Not only the public who are curious about the reason Shaheer who still choose to remain single. Some members of the media also had a chance to wonder at Shaheer Sheikh regarding the reason he still chose to remain alone. When he considered the voters in finding a partner, it was confirmed this Shaheer.
When asked this and justify the statement but Shaheer itself possess the reason why he was selective in choosing a partner who will be his life partner. For Shaheer voters in determining the spouse is not a bad thing. According to establish a relationship and choose to be with someone so he hasru together for good choices.

Shaheer Sheikh


"Because in a relationship, when we've chosen to be with someone, then it's forever. If you already hold a person's hand, never let go, "said Shaheer.
But as we all know if Shaheer nyang himself had reportedly close to several Indian celebrities like Soumya Seth who became co-star in the Indian serial 'Navya'. Then Pooja Sharma who had also been a co-star in the Indian series "Mahabharata". Shaheer even proclaim himself had in close to one of the Indonesian dangdut singer Ayu Ting Ting.
However, some women who had reportedly close degannya Shaheer itself only admitted if his relationship with some of these women are just friends. Yes we pray just hope Shaheer Sheikh could find a companion figure that as long as he wanted.