Who does not know the figure Paridhi Sharma Jodha cast in the series "Jodha Akbar", of the viewers of the series "Jodha Akbar" know the figure Paridhi Sharma. Even Bollywood actress is being awaited his arrival by his fans to come to Indonesia.
But as a loyal fan or cast Jodha Sharma Paridhi this, do you know that the figure Paridhi Sharma who is one of India's well-paid celebrities turned out to be fond of this culinary tour?

Paridhi Sharma is happy to do a culinary tour and enjoy a variety of different foods. it diuangkapkan Paridhi Sharma when asked if he was happy culinary and he confirmed it and admitted that he was pleased culinary.
But Sharma Paridhi not only likes to eat expensive food alone even beautiful woman likes to eat roadside dijajankan by street vendors. Paridhi Sharma claimed he was happy eating roadside food like Papdi Chaat.

But do you know that the food is Paridhi Sharma is a kind of food such as fried foods, which are foods made with flour, potatoes and peppers. Paridhi also said that if he had a favorite dining spot in the village halamnanya Indore Tarafa Market.
Paridhi Sharma

Paridhi not only fond culinary course but beautiful woman is also a good cook. Well so cast Jodha not only like to enjoy the food alone but is also happy beautiful woman in cooking food. However, because of busy filming the series "Jodha Akbar" him could not linger in the kitchen and make different kinds of food that he liked.