Recently Shaheer Sheikh and Vin Rana middle over something that they love? Curious at what they rebutkan? Yes an old school bike that had become one of the properties on the anniversary of the quiz to-22 years a few days ago made Shaheer Sheikh and Vin Rana fell in love when I first saw it.

Neither Shaheer Sheikh or Vin Rana directly struck by the old motor and fight each other such items. Moreover, both the Bollywood actor is known as motorcycle enthusiasts, so do not be surprised if both are instantly captivated when he first saw the old school bike.

In fact both of them had tried to ride the bike and shortly posed to capture the moment of their togetherness with the "idol of the heart". Neither Shaheer Sheik or Vin Rana equally up the old school bike and posing and instantly upload them their happy moments through their instagram account.
Shaheer Sheikh

Vin Rana

Shaheer and Vin equally expresses his love for the old motor which may have been rare. Vin also called the motor as his new liver pujan regardless of its relationship with Nita Sofiani. Same too with Shaheer who upload their pictures and write a few sentences in India discussed by adding emoticons love.

When viewed at a glance is nothing special from the motor, but not for the second series starring Indian "Mahabharata" is. Because they think that stuff is old and rare items to be found and seen through the eyes of the motor they have a uniqueness that fascinated him.