This synopsis Korean Drama Series "Full House" Episode 14.
Hello fans of Korean dramas satisun back RCTI TV broadcast another Korean drama series titled "Full House". This Korean drama already popular in Korea. But even so the Korean drama lovers in Indonesia still waiting for the story "Full House" is. Moreover, the Korean drama is quite popular in South Korea where the Korean drama is played by the Korean handsome actor Bi (Rain) and the opposite Song Hye Gyo. Well curious about the story of the Korean drama "Full House" next? Listen Synopsis Korean Drama "Full House" episode 14.Synopsis Korean drama "Full House" RCTI EPS. 14 - Lee Young Jae and Ji Eun Han Finally Split, All Back As Used.

Acts Full House Episode 14 - After The Full House episode 13 Young Jae and Ji Eun Han actually love each other, but both are proud to express their feelings. Young Jae previously shared Hae Won finally asked back to Ji Eun Hae Won by Love Young Jae realized if only for Ji Eun. Until now, Young Jae back again to Full Huse he saw Ji Eun who was with Min Hyuk. Young Jae was surprised because he thought if Min Ji Eun Hyuk kiss when what actually happened is Min Hyuk middle wipe tears Ji Eun Jae Young could not lose.

Young Jae felt sad seeing the incident, while the current Min Ji Eun Hyuk was home trying to see the room Young Jae, but he did not find Young Jae. The next morning still thinking Ji Eun Jae Young Jae Young returned to the room and was pleased to see Young Jae who is back. Even when both their breakfast argument again, but the two are covering their own reasons for choosing returned to the Full House that in fact they do not want to part with each other. Until Min Hyuk came home with a bouquet of relationship to Ji Eun and make Young Jae upset. Young Jae always preclude meeting with Min Ji Eun Hyuk, but he can not do anything and just be angry.
Knowing if Ji Eun will go along with Min Hyuk, Young Jae tried to prevent by asking rude on Ji Eun to clean the house, but when Ji Eun upset with pleading face Young Ji Eun Jae asked not to go along with Min Hyuk. Because Young Jae who is begging to be Ji Eun was eventually scrapped plans goings along Min Hyuk. Finally at home both were clean the glass with a unique way Young Jae Eun Ji almost'll kiss but suddenly Hee Jin and Dong Wook came to their house.

Full Synopsis The film "Full House" Lee Young Jae and Ji Eun Han Finally Split

 One day the news of the marriage contract between Ji Eun and Young Jae was known by Jae Young father and came to the house Full House with feeling angry because it was already lied. Young Jae's father came with a feeling of anger tried to ask for an explanation about the Young Jae contract marriage with Young Jae Ji Eun but instead asked not to interfere with the problem. In fact, both are almost fighting but Ji Eun who saw it trying to hold in order to avoid a fight between Young Jae and his father. When trying to speak both father Young Jae feel disappointed with the fact that sebenarny, Ji Eun yourself getting hurt and sad because he not only likes Young-jae but he himself loved all the family Young Jae. Ji Eun finally desperate to go to the family home Young Jae Young Jae although previously been advised to not go there until Ji Eun also accept rejection of Young Jae grandmother who does not want to meet with Ji Eun of course it makes Ji Eun feel worse . Eun Ji Min Hyuk finally meet to tell us all what he suffered even more about Young Jae and his family. When Ji Eun Jae Young back home who saw Ji Eun together Min Hyuk feel jealous and accuses langsnung Ji Eun kinds to make Ji Eun increasingly irritated and reveal everything, especially her suffering because of Young Jae and ask for the Young Jae to return to Hae Won.
The next day saw a message Ji Eun Jae Young existing above the refrigerator whose contents apology as long as it has made Ji Eun suffer and it makes Ji Eun Hae Won sad until the time comes. Ji Eun directly on Hae Won her wedding ring as a sign if he was let go for Hae Young Jae Won. But then Hae Won express all feelings Yong Jae Ji Young Jae Eun if true love Ji Eun. On the other hand Young Jae is holding a press conference about his divorce with Ji Eun. But when at the press conference event Young Jae reveal if he really loves Ji Eun. Young Jae and Ji Eun alike are recalling fond memories of them both while they lived together until they were moved to tears.
Time goes on and change, that morning as usual Ji Eun still stay at Full House with a messy house the same condition as it was when he has not met with Young Jae. Ji Eun-bruru rush to open the door after hearing the sound of her doorbell rang up when she opened the door she was surprised to see Min Hyuk comes with a bouquet of flowers. Ji Eun's own smile she looks different than before and much prettier.