Acne, When dealing with acne, Life definitely upset. PD is not the same friend Ladi, Same people around us, especially at Si doy course. Why should there be acne huh? Already do not like, fact come again. I would be lost zit. Now, Therefore, Readers SIGOTOM, Share on Wayseliminate Acne Naturally.

Natural, which means without taking medication from a doctor, or associated with chemical substances.
But here we use of natural materials. Because of course, if using natural materials, saves costs, especially Avoid side effects.
So we really need to know these ways.
Ok, let's get straight to the topic.

What actually Seh acne is dangerous? Yes ... acne it is not dangerous, but very disturbing face us. Moreover, we face handsome, sweet jeawat flooded. Very Make upset


You need to know.

     When acne Flooding we face, then do not push.

Squeeze pimples will cause black spots on our faces.

So how to naturally eliminate this:

     Start of Your Life who regularly. Brother who usually lazy, lazy sport, if not go away acne, now diligent Try starting sports, not just acne Later missing brother. But, Your body will also be healthy. Now the rise of bad habits, for a better life.



  • Drink a lot of white water, white water Keeping Because metabolism in the body, so drink a lot, white water is not difficult to come by. Just hanging yourself, Yang difficult to drink a lot. Or it could just as lazy. If there is already a lazy said, It is not a cure again.But There should avoid carbonated beverages.



  • Do not stay up. Staying up right has no meaning, so why should stay up, if indeed Due to work, use your free time to rest. Of staying up late, or less resting, One of the causes of acne.

stay up

stay up

  • Expand eat fruits, and also Eat vegetables. It is very important for your health, especially that we are discussing now is Acne. Especially if you do not eat excessive eating greasy, because it can cause acne.

Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables

Those are some of the ways, which can help the removal of acne on your body, that is the regular way of life, Eat regularly. Disciplined life. Hopefully if you try things above, then face pretty or handsome brother back the same way again.

In addition, traditional medicines There is also inherited by our ancestors.

Let's look.

Treating Acne Naturally.
With cassava leaves

Cassava leaves are often eaten as a vegetable, but this time we use as Healing acne naturally.

     Take a few leaves of cassava
     Mash until smooth
     Dairy dansaring water
     Then wipe the parts that spotty.
     Clean then approximately 2 to 3 hours
     Try to do at least 2 times a day.

cassava leaves
 cassava leaves

Dengan lidah buaya:

if we normally use aloe vera for hair scapegoating, this time trying to use to combat acne.

    Remove the skin and cut into pieces
    Cut several pieces, As needed
    Mucus that gets the spotty apply.
    A few hours later wash again.

Using honey.

Once these many benefits of honey, which is already cite as traditional medicines.

My teacher used to, every school, happened to me with a mother's house nearby.

I see Always apply honey to face being attacked by acne.

I tried to ask,

'' Mom, Why always Put honey to the mother's face, What's in it.? "

The mother replied,

"In our village this is something good drug least get rid of acne."
It turns out that acne can be treated with honey.
So you can use to apply to the body as needed. Do not forget to clean up later.

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Indeed most excellent medicine is as I described above was. It would be futile if our lives are not our case. We keep here in the sense of Caring with healthy living. Sports, Eat vitamin, vegetables, You will feel the benefits .. That is not the only acne benefits. However, for the whole of your body. Up here posting of SIGOTOM on How to eliminate Acne Naturally.