If my friend as a publisher in Adsense PPC, To optimize your income, adsense PPC should put in the correct place. We will quickly removed when not comply with the rules of Adsense.
Readers-SIGOTOM, Is know to put adsense ad unit above post, but on the left side or the right? That is why SIGOTOM share on Ways adsense ads on the left or right of the post.
The trick is said to be easy if you already know, and is said to be difficult, Where not already know.
Let me know, Try to follow the way of the following ways:


If my friend Inserting Pictures first, or the above post is a picture, not be applicable.
This causes a violation of Adsense.
Fill should first article my friend, the New Later can post the picture below.
Ok. Do we go straight to the topic ....
To get started is to enter the code as below.

<div dir='ltr' style='text-align: rihgt;' trbidi='on'>
<span style='color: #666666;'><span style='font-size: x-small;'>Advertisement</span></span></div>
<div style='float:right;width:300px;height:250px;padding:0 0px 0px 0;'>

If my friend wears As above, the position of the ad will be there in the middle.
Oh yeah, buddy pairs Parse Before your first ad. My friend can go to this: parse html Blogcrowds resources
Once In parse, just as the above Enter.

Search data:post.body In Html edit your blog, then put the above code Right above as well.
Some codes will you find, Put on the second code. If you want to make advertising on the left, then replace the text in blue above to left.
Example ads on the left you:
How to post adsense ads on the left or right of the post Blog

Usually suitable for this ad is 300x250

Is your ad appear? Previous revew before in store.

Well how about this trick? Actually, it's easy! As publiser, in order not banned or deleted, Follow the rules of the GA (Google Adsense) You can read here AdSense program policies
Kan pity if it is active so blocked again. That is, on the Internet alone is already a rule, so get used to comply with the rules.
so from SIGOTOM on How adsense ads on the left or right of the post. Hopefully, this article can help for the needy.