News ball today Sunday 45 April 2015, Juventus won 2-0 of empoli
 Empol Against Juventus on 5 Apil 2015, Delivering excellent results For juventus. It is a victory of Juventus, which makes Fans will Eager, see Juventus beat empoli.

This was after Juventus lawanya breaking goal, namely Empoli. who could not hold the ball ahirnya Goll .. We are here, very exciting to watch the match against empoli juvenntus on 5 April 2015. And incidentally, Today Sunday, so it can be free to stay up, to watch this match.

In the first round match juventus,
Minute by minute, Juventus attack the opponent, and so also with Empoli. however, it was 25 minutes, No is also a goal. And almost want to finish the first round Nor There Gol.

Carlos Tevez Eventually Empoli breaking goal in minute 43

Carlos Tevez
And it turns out, after diadkan continue this fight, not yet finished the first half, apparently Carlos Tevez, Direct breaking goal Empoli. so 1-0.

And the result was also ending 1-0 to finish the first round match. and, Juventus obtain kemengan 1-0 of empoli, and Carlos Tevez is printer goal in minute 43.

 Roberto Pereyra Back scored Goals

Roberto Pereyra

And it turns out, not only that the struggle Juventus. After nearly finished the second round, back again Roberto Pereyra Scoring in the 90th Eventually, Juventus win with a 2-0 result.

And to finish the game, juventus ahirnya with 2-0 Win

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