Coinciding with the birth of the inventor of the core of the Earth, Inge Lehmann to-127, also participated in the Google Doodle to celebrate the birthday of Inge Lehmann on Wednesday (05/13/2015). Inge Lehmann was a born inventor of the earth's core on May 13, 1888 in Denmark and died on February 21, 1993. To commemorate and celebrate the birthday of a seismological, Inge Lehmann, Google Doodle was also advised by presenting sebuag unique animations that describe the earth's core on the main page of Google today, Wednesday (13/05/2015). Animation unique earth powered by Google that describe the earth's core is split into two parts with the earth's core exhibit is a form of appreciation for the hard work of Inge Lehmann. Inge Lehman, a Danish woman who is very intelligent and he is an influential figure in the world of science, Inge Lehman itself known to the service discovery big money as the inventor of the earth's core.Inge Lehmann has said if the earth has the outer core and the inner core. According terorinya earth's core is not liquid but a different core substance to those in the wild around us.Then Inge Lehman explained if the outer core of the earth is a layer with a thickness of 2.266 km find where he is located under the mantle of the earth and above the core. Sedagkan on the core part is the innermost part of the earth berbentu padata ball with a radius of about 1200 km.Thanks to the idea of ​​finding Inge Lehmann large and so important to the world of science and to this day is still used as the basis of seismological knowledge.
Great invention Inge Lehmann! Various Successfully Achieves Award In 1936 Inge Lehmann discovery about the Earth's core was made namnya many recalled worldwide to date. He himself was born and grew up in Ostebro (Copenhagen) Denmark. Two've earned a Master's Degree in physics and mathematics.Inge Lehmann, Contacts Yuk Beautiful Women Inventors 'Core Earth'! There is a Unique Animations in Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday Today IniInge Lehmann, Contacts Yuk Beautiful Women Inventors 'Core Earth'! There is a Unique Animations in Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday Today

Great woman Inventors 'Core Earth'

Whereas in 1923, Inge Lehmann himself got a position as Assistant JF Steffensen (Profdesor Actuarial Science) at the University of Copenhagen. While after Inge Lehmann passed the exam in 1928 he won the Geodosi and geodesist State. Inge Lehmann also got the position as Head of the Department of Seismology at Geodical Institute of Denmark.Not only that thanks to the invention of hypotheses Inge Lehmann he also won many awards including Oscar Wood Award (1960), The Gold Medal Of The Danish Royal Society of Science and Letters (1965), The Election as a Fellow of the Royal Society (1969 ) etc. Even Inge Lehman itself is the first woman to be awarded the prestigious William Bowie Medal (1971).

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