Prediction Juventus Vs Real Madrid Champions League Semifinal Live SCTV May 14, 2015

Santiago Bernabue dipastiakan atmosphere will further heat up, when the early morning arrival of guests from Italy that Juventus. Preparation everything is done by two teams in order to ensure themselves towards Berlin in the Champions League Final. Although already Bagging a victory in the first leg of Juventus must remain Put the seat belt in order to play in the Cage The Whites, which certainly would appear adamant in front of his own supporters, especially Los Blancos also have an away goal tentuya deficit should not be underestimated.Real Madrid at least only takes one goal to ensure himself drove to the Final. Optimism is certainly carried by children in the care of Don Carlo by-staring the opponent from Italy. But one thing to watch out by Real Madrid, with the Defense and Attack The solid enough behind Juventus managed to silence troublesome Real Madrid at the Stadio Delle Alpi.Juventus Vs Real Madrid Prediction League Semifinal Champions2Competition Ronaldo and Tevez Kian EscalatesSeveral players in the second pillar Kubu prepared by Maestro Strategies dross. The camp host Don Carlo is already well aware of how the Serie A hallmark of the game will certainly try to maximize deratan its star players to rip the nets Gianluigi Buffon, This was strengthened after Karim Bezema will certainly be ready to fill line Home Los Blancos after suffering a knee injury , Benzema's presence will certainly further strengthen El Real Power Gedor will fronted by Ronaldo Nor James Rodriguez at his side. Real Madrid Will perform certain all-out attack and avoid elementary mistakes in the back line.That same strength trying constructed by Juventus, where the figure of Carlos Tevez and Alvaro Moratta still the two main pillars that will be used by the Juve -Children Son. Scudetto success become one of pelejut spirit promoted by Pirlo et al in order to fly to Berlin towards the Champions League Final. Juventus was determined to score goals at the Santiago Bernabeu. This was disclosed by Juve defender Giorgio Chiellini Yang realized that Juventus should not only focus on defense, he added that Juventus also had to venture out Attack and at least Scoring in the game later.Prediction And Head to Head Real Madrid vs Juventus

 ">Prediction Real Madrid vs Juventus

Last Five Matches Real Madrid and Juventus
Last Five Matches Real Madrid and Juventus
5 Last Meeting Real Madrid vs Juventus
5 Last Meeting Real Madrid vs Juventus

The last game in the first leg did have Juventus, but the rest of Real Madrid and Juventus are many shared kemenanagn. Look at the data and statistics available, two teams are equally intend to maximize the strength in this fight, as evidenced on Sunday, Good Real Madrid and Juventus just got a draw in the League results. Although these results do not affect the Scudetto Juventus are already in the hands of Juventus certainly very intent on saving a few players for the sake of Laga Early Days Later.Another Well As with Los Blancos, with a draw in the last league, El Real dipastiakan will be increasingly difficult to penetrate the dominance of Barcelona at the summit standings, but this would be the only pelejut spirit Foster children Don Carlo in order to fly to Berlin.Finally, Tim weigh and examine all aspects of the existing decided that there will be more jomplang match, where the latter will dominate the Real Madrid attack through several Primarily in the second pillar wing and midfield, while Juventus will prepare the best defense, with only occasional counterattack. Various onslaught of real Madrid this will be very dangerous, therefore Prediction Juventus Vs Real Madrid this would be balanced by Final Score 2-1 to Real Madrid. While Game Must be defined by the extension of time.

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